In a green environment so-called Little Switzerland we built for you a harmonized with the environment of warmth and calm accommodation «Vlach» hosting the purpose of rest and relaxation.

At this place the part of yourself that you have not experienced is something that gives you strength to continue besides lunatics rhythms of everyday life. Earth with a long history of resistance against the Turks with all the Vlachcourage until the Nazi occupation, left behind intact over the years the natural beauty of the Vlachs, the traditional houses and above all a sense of hospitality and warmth of the people of the mountain as they are called.
The nature up here (1000 m altitude) has hundreds of years of heritage with the variety of mushrooms (breati in Vlach) stand out as well as the diversity of many species to be abundant in the region.

The Guesthouse BREATI is open all year around.
Early booking is highly recommended especially for weekend days, local traditional festival days, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and summer holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions :
Question : What is the altitude where the Guesthouse Breati is located?
Answer : The Guesthouse is 950 meters above sea level.
Question : What is the condition of the road from the city of Grevena to Krania village?
Answer : The distance from the City of Grevenia to Krania is 30 Klm away, 30 minutes driving and the road is in a very good condition. The Guesthouse is located nearby the forest and just 500 meters from the center of the main village of Krania. Local taverns and restaraunts are within walking distance and visitors will have the opportunity to luxuriate the beauty of the nature and the fresh air in their walks in the forest. There is Gas Station in the main Village of Krania.
Question : What is the weather like and what kind of clothes should we take with us?
Answer : Due to the high altitude the weather is changeable. During day time in the summer the weather is warm however evening time the weather is getting cooler and you are recommendd to bring jackets and long sleeve clothing.