Rafting in one of the most beautiful and historic rivers of Greece, the Venetian.

Hiking - amazing routes in the forest one of which crosses the whole of Europe and ends in Spain.

Skiing at a distance of 28km from Metsovo ski area and 67km to Vasilitsis ski area (in 2 years from now for Vasilitsa it will be 22 km).

Hunting many still hunts but do not forget the snow falls fast.

Valia Calda - a national park that has it all - giant trees, mushrooms, beeches, black pine, and everywhere you look you will be surprized by the view. The sound of the mountain is a unique acoustic delirium passing wind between the trees and ending in your ears like a sweet melody.

4x4 vehicles with great potential ready to give you the pleasure above all year round regardless of weather.

Night skiing in Vasilitsa with big candle lights at the days of New Year's Eve.

Carnival anakatosaria
»» see Youtube!.

Easter in the village by firing lamb and songs and plenty of raki.

New year's day.

Pan-European championship enduro first week of May with big names from across Europe.

4-day feast of the mushroom with many known artists at bridge Spanos.

Concerts in the gorge - Portitsas bridge of the village Cave.